Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So tired...

NEVER agree to help someone (that you live with) run "just one errand".

That was around 1pm, when I was thinking about sleep because I'd been up sixteen hours. Now, it's 9:37 and I'm just now getting home, almost 24 hours after I woke up.


I met someone really interesting tonight. Downside was that she seemed very happily taken. Upside was, she was intelligent and fun to talk to, aside from being really cute. Sure, she had a few oddball opinions that I disagreed with, but it's nice when I enjoy talking with someone a lot when I first meet them. New friend? Methinks so.


Time for sleep. Good grub today, good feelings after helping out some family and getting shit done. See you on the morrow, folks.


Jay said...

Just one errand is like just one potato chip. But yay for a new friend and good food and good feelings are always, well, good.

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