Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's like I'm a millionaire!

Did you know that Facebook has an "Other" area, under the "Messages" link on the side? I had a couple updates there that I never see, since I'm only on Facebook on my phone. Checked it today, and I saw this:

Edward Moses
Dear Barlow,

I have an important message for you concerning the death of my deceased client Engr.C.M.Barlow,who bears the same name(Barlow)as you I am aware you are not related to this by blood, nationality or family, therefore I ask that you consider the factors in my email and keep it strictly confidential. However, if you are unable to meet my demand, kindly discard of it. This is regards a deposit of US$9.5million he left behind here in Lome Togo before his untimely death you have being pre-appoved for this release because of the last name,Contact me with your full names, private email, country of Residence and direct telephone number communication contact me only if your interested on my private email with the details I required from you my friend. Kindly email me today with my private email if you need any clarification. I await your urgent response.

With Regards,
Barrister Moses Edward
Private telephone:00228-994 269 65.
private email:(mosesedward1986@

Oh, if only it was so easy to solve all of my financial problems. I'll be sure to send this guy my information just as soon as I email my bank account information to that Nigerian prince who had a whole bunch of money for me, too...


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