Friday, March 9, 2012

Another reason to hate graveyard shift...

I sleep during the day, and when I wake up, shit has HAPPENED. Sometimes it's good, other times it's very bad. Today was one of the latter, as a local deputy was shot and a judge was attacked, in a nearby city's courthouse. The suspect is still at large, and anyone who is curious should follow the news, and the compiled story over at Grays Harbor Down, where Sarah has done a good job updating regularly.

My best hopes go to those injured, and I really hope this guy is caught. I haven't had time enough to read up and see if we have any idea why he did this, but I want to see him caught before he can hurt anyone else.

Aside from that, I just can't stand all the rude attitudes on graveyard shift, but that's a minor bitch. The whole "being eight hours behind on news that happened shortly after I slept" thing is much worse. Really, I'm just not a fan of graveyard shift. At all.

Sorry to be a serious topic, and kind of a downer, but I'm being too rushed to say much more. See y'all tomorrow!


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