Saturday, March 24, 2012



Yes, you can hate me now. I won't blame you in the slightest, now that I've referenced that horrid abomination of a "song". But, could you resist it? :P

I've officially put in for a transfer to "another shift" when one opens up. The bottle of "I'll tolerate it" overfilled today, and I'm done putting up with this graveyard bullshit. Done dealing with the drunks, the dregs, and the downright dumb. People trying to argue with me that two obviously-unrelated products are to be bought separately but go together, people not knowing the names of what they want and just pointing at shit, and people who just take out their hatred of being up early on me.

You know what? I feel a little better after that mini-rant. The tiny bit of alliteration in there amused me, and now I just need to get through this short 8-hour shift. Then tomorrow, and the couple of days after, Shelton with people that are like family to me. Things are starting to look up already!


lalalalauren said...

Thank you, now that song is in my head. Jerk. :P

*sings* Partyin' partyin' yeah!

Justin Barlow said...


That's about all I know of the song, thankfully. I wouldn't know even that much, but when I got home from work one day in the first week of January, the news was doing a 2011 recap. And they played that portion of the song.

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