Thursday, March 15, 2012

I guess there is one good thing about family emergencies: they give me something to blog about.

Today was set to be uneventful. It was payday, so there was the bill-paying that needed to happen -- always fun, amirite? Then I saw the new work schedule and was thrilled to see the next few days off... might have to head to Olympia and visit with Jim and Wendy.

I was shooting for the trifecta of uninteresting -- getting online at my grandma's and, among other things, having a conversation with my three year old cousin to try and figure out why he was running around with no pants or underwear. The boy will end up in a nudist colony, I'm starting to think.

Then, disaster struck. My mother had gone to visit a friend of hers and her friend gave her an anti-anxiety pill that she took too much of. Rather than treat it like an emergency, her friend called me to complain about mom being too out-of-it, and then proceeded to let her drive. Real good friend, right? Thankfully, another friend of hers (and mine) lived nearby, and when she saw the state that mom was in, she took the keys away, called me, and drove mom back here. I feel grateful to her for getting mom home and helping me take care of her for a few minutes before she had to go back home -- she couldn't find someone to watch her kid for very long, or she'd probably have stayed to help.

Moral of the story? Don't hang out with fucking morons that'll give you pills they think will help you out, just because they're a pill-popper with obviously no concern for your well-being. We found the half that mom didn't take, and disposed of it. She's doing a lot better now, and is asleep. I'm thinking of calling it an early night too... today was draining, the last few hours.


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