Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did I make a 'Thing'?!

No, 'Thing' is not a comic book reference this time. Or a penis reference. :P

We've all heard the phrase "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades", right? Even if it's bullshit because our friends sucked and said it didn't count. But, whatever. Horseshoes was a shitty game anyway. Ladder Golf is a lot more fun.

Back to the point I was making... sorry, got off on a tangent there. Because fuck horseshoes. Since high school, I've had my own slight add-on to that well-known (and half-bullshit) phrase. MY version was "Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and atomic bombs", with my justification being that even if you missed your target with an atomic bomb, "almost" is still going to get the job done. 17-year-old Justin thought that was just the cleverest thing. I haven't said it in a few years, but at work, a customer said it to their friend at the register.

It wasn't someone that I've ever seen before, so I have to ask... did I make a Thing? My own little slice of slang? Is the "and atomic bombs" bit my creation, or have other people been saying it, and I'm not nearly as clever as I thought? Either way, it made me pretty happy to hear it. And fuck the facts, I'm going to stick with it being mine. :P

Now, time to get home and get ready for a couple of good days off!


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