Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everything's shiny, Captain!


Change is good, my friends. Welcome to the new layout, what do you think? It's still 'under construction', but I'm tired and it's workable for now. I decided the change was necessary, because I'd had the old layout for a very very long time. I still have it saved in case I decide I want it back - or if you all demand the old one back - but it's nice to have something different around.

I'm also going to be starting a lot of new pages, so the (many) links up above that are currently lead nowhere will have somewhere to go in time. And by "in time", I mean I'm going to try and make time for it tomorrow, or really late tonight, if that's when I'm up next.

So, leave your feedback on the new layout, and any advice you want to offer or pages that you want to see. I'm going to go home, relax and let my eyes rest, and then probably catch some sleep after I write a bit more of Project: SAMSON.


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