Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's kind of like a HELP WANTED sign, but seeking work instead of seeking workers.

Minimum wage is not enough to take care of bills and rent and shit, especially since I'm supporting my mother, too. There is a local company doing a hiring event tomorrow - laborer, cleanup crew. I'd be busting my ass, but I might actually make enough to get out of the remainder of my debt.

Stress hasn't been helping my mood or creativity, as was evidenced today. Today was a bad day, complete with rotten mood. Lots of factors worked together to have me plenty pissed off, and it was hard to just shrug stuff off like usual.

My mother's part of the problem. Because her boss was treating her like shit, shorting her on her paychecks (it was all under the table), and telling people that mom was doing horrible things out of the company van, she quit her job a few weeks ago. Since then, she's kept herself regularly unable to pass a piss test and get a new job, so now EVERYTHING is on me and my $9.00 per hour, instead of just rent and the cell phones. All while she has me do anything I can around the house while I'm awake, because she has a headache, or her asthma's bothering her, or some other reason.

I'm tired of getting shit on, but without abandoning her to her own (lack of) means, there's not much I can do about it.

Sorry to dump on you, blog. I'll try and think of something funny for tomorrow.


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