Monday, March 26, 2012

Wandering around Olympia

The following is a paraphrased version of a conversation on the phone and on Facebook:

ME: So, I'm going to catch the bus that'll get to Oly around 5 instead.

JIM: Hey, we have a horse thing that we've got to do, we should be back in Oly around six. If you wanna goof until then we can meet up?

ME: Sounds like a plan! I can troll around town for an hour.

What ACTUALLY happened was that I got off the bus in Olympia around 5pm, and walked around for a bit. I found my way to the only convenience store that I knew how to get to in that part of Olympia, only to find that it was closed. No coffee or energy drinks to help keep me awake... awesome.

At this point, I'd been up for almost a full day, minus a short half-hour nap before I went to catch the bus. Worked the previous night, came home and took care of laundry and house-cleaning, fought to keep myself awake until I failed. Woke up, caught the bus. Done.

So, I find myself a spot to perch at Percival Landing and write for a little while, until I'm so tired that I know everything is barely-readable crap... and looking back today, I was right. Then I browse around Twitter on my phone for a little bit, until I get bored. Hop back up, and wander around until I'm tired of lugging my duffel bag with me, and find a good place to sit (away from noisy skateboarders, this time). I watched an episode of Comic Book Men, read a little bit more of Way Of Kings on my Kindle, and just kept finding things to do

Not by any fault of their own, but it ended up being about three hours until Jim and Wendy could get back into town and pick me up, so all of us were suuuuuper tired when we got back to good ol' Drafty Meadows. I can't complain too much, though... I was under a covered area and didn't have to worry about the rain, I had ways to entertain myself, and I was sitting at the landing with a great view of the mountains until it started getting dark. Then, I kept myself amused with Castle until they showed up.

All in all, an unexpected-but-not-terrible way to start this few days out of town. Now, I think I'm going to go out and see the horses. :D


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