Friday, March 30, 2012

It's weird to come home and see someone else in your bed.

Allow me to preface that: I'm unmarried, and worked last night, and it wasn't some fling that overstayed her welcome. No, this was not in any way my choice.

I've mentioned my living situation before, but let me sum it up if you're new around here: three years ago, I moved in with my mother to help her out after my stepdad passed. Three years later, we lost the house we were in (long story), and have been living in a considerably smaller and crappier house. As I mentioned in the "Life - 2, Justin - 0" post recently, we're on the verge of losing that -- it sucks, but shit happens.

So my mother's idea is to have a friend of hers move in while I stay with my grandmother, and we use that extra income from her friend paying rent to us to catch up on our overdue rent. Sure, I'm all for that. Oh, you're going to have her crash in my room while I'm in Shelton, see if you get along living together? Neato neato, more power to ya.

Except she didn't, because "something came up". And apparently, this friend is "at least going to stay on the fold-out for a while" and pay a lesser, undecided amount..... who had this dumb idea? Oh yeah, my mother.

Last night, I paid for gas so I could get a ride to work, solely because I wanted that extra hour of sleep. I came home this morning and see somebody asleep in the chair and figure it's my mother's friend -- nope. She was in my room, which surprised the hell out of me when I opened my door and woke her up. Apparently mom had decided to give a ride back to this side of town to another friend of hers, and when he couldn't get in touch with the people he'd planned to stay with, mom let him crash. Noble, sure... but it would've only taken thirty seconds to call my work last night and say "Oh, hey, V.'s going to be crashing in your room until you get home!"

Did I mention I'm not completely comfy with other people sleeping in my bed? If it's someone I know well and/or someone I've been intimate with, sure. But someone that I've met all of three times? Little bit squicky for me. I'm going to talk to both my grandmother and my mother about things, see about moving my shit over there. And soon.


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